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 Describe an improvement to an existing service, different to the one you used in Assignment 1. For this second assignment you should identify a significant “service gap” as you did in Assignment 1, but the service gap and its management should be described in terms of the operations principles addressed in weeks 5-9 of the course. You can identify a service problem/gap drawn from your own difficulty/dissatisfaction with an existing service, or a service gap you’ve identified in the market.

As before, identify an existing market with incomplete or sub-optimal service delivery that could be improved, thereby increasing the ‘value’ currently provided to customers (and using operations principles described in weeks 5-9 of the course).

Your discussion should address the following:

· The core value or ‘job’ the customer wants done by the particular service

· The gap between what is currently offered and what your service design does not do/should do

· How you would use operations principles from weeks 5-9 of the course (e.g. inventory, capacity or demand planning, waiting line management, quality control, project management, or employee training or technology) to improve the design or delivery of the service.

You should draw from the following course materials:

1. The lecture slides and reading materials from weeks 5-9 of the course

2. The above points that will be used to grade your final work (as well as a general grading guide on the following page).