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General Instructions:

No Textbooks are needed to complete Critical Response Essay (CRE) 1 and you have two weeks to complete it. Carefully read the entire document and pay close attention to the “RESTRICTIONS FOR DEVELOPING EITHER TOPIC” written on page two before you begin.  

Read both topic choices but choose ONLY ONE topic to write on and develop an essay (1 ½ page minimum and 2 pages maximum double spaced). Submit CRE 1 in Blackboard as a Microsoft Word document attached to the CRE 1 drop Box by Sept. 15th (11:59 PM). Late CRE 1 submissions OK until Sept. 22nd (11:59 PM) but lose 10 points.  

1st Topic Choice for Critical Response Essay (CRE) 1:

In essay format, write about a time in your life when you struggled with having to make a specific choice and made what you believe to have been the right one.

You need a thesis statement to begin your essay. A thesis does not explain; it offers a specific conclusion (SAY what choice you made) and give some reason of significance for it (SAY why the choice you made was the right one).  

The development of ideas in body paragraphs follows the order of the thesis statement. This means that the same way you lay out the parts of your thesis (conclusion and its significance or significance and conclusion) is how you go forward in the body developing/discussing ideas in support.

  • To flesh out your body paragraphs, you need to do more than just give general examples. You need specific examples that explain (flesh out in detail) how, why, or in what way the examples or ideas you come up with support the thesis. 
  • Not every example needs fleshing out in minute detail but you need to delve deeply you’re your thinking in each of your paragraphs so that the reader makes connections between what you are saying in the paragraphs and how, why, or in what way your paragraph ideas support the thesis. You are the writer; therefore, the responsibility for making necessary connections rests with you.

The essay conclusion is the last paragraph in the essay. It summarizes your thesis and perhaps one of the more important points made in the body. No new ideas (ideas not already discussed in the body) can be added to your conclusion.

2nd Topic Choice for Critical Response Essay (CRE) 1:

In essay format—consider how students who decide to attend college might be better prepared to do so during their high school years. 

For your thesis, come to a clear conclusion (make a decision about what exactly kinds of experiences—academic or vocational, during the high school years can or should prepare students to be ready to attend college). Complete your thesis statement by saying why you think it is important that high schools do what you think should be done to prepare its’ students for college. Remember, a thesis statement does not explain (what you conclude) or its significance (why the conclusion you come to is important). Thesis statements only tell. Develop (explain your thesis) in the body of your essay.

In the body, carefully develop your thinking (explain your conclusion and why your conclusion is important).

  • The development of ideas in body paragraphs follows the order of the thesis statement. This means that the same way you lay out the parts of your thesis (conclusion and its significance) is how you go forward in the body developing ideas in support.
  • Flesh out your body paragraphs using examples from your own experience.  To adequately develop the body of your paper, include and discuss specific instance of the reasons you give in support of your position.
  • Do not just mention reasons and move on. In each paragraph, carefully explain how, why, or in what way the reasons you give in support of your thesis supports/develops your position.
  • Make and support connections between what you are saying and why you are saying it.

The essay conclusion is the essay’s last paragraph and summarizes your thesis and the most important points made in the body. No new ideas (those not already discussed or alluded to in the body) can come up in your conclusion.

Restrictions and Requirements on Developing Either Topic Choice Above:

  • You are restricted (required) to use your own personal knowledge and/or experience to both write the thesis and develop your essay paragraphs, meaning consider and discuss your own memories, ideas, and experiences in support of your position. 
  • Outside sources (books, articles, web documents, etc.) not allowed. An outside source is ANY idea that is not the direct result of your own thinking and/or experience; internally citing and or including a work cited page does not matter; if an idea is not your own, you may not use it to support the discussion in your essay.
  • All papers are filtered through a plagiarism checker. An occasional phrase match is possible but if your paper comes back with a match for outside (borrowed) ideas, higher than 5% and I can track it back to specific sources or previously submitted papers, it will receive a “D” 60 out of 100 points. Matches higher than 30% will receive a failing grade and be reported to the college as plagiarism for further disciplinary action. The simple way to avoid this outcome is to NOT GOOGLE or research before you write this essay. All you need to do is answer the topic question you select for yourself and explain your answer.

Paper Format Requirements:  (See Sample Paper Format/Course Documents tab in BB)

  • See the sample Essay Format (DOCUMENT tab) to see how your paragraphs and line spacing should look.
  • At least 1 ½ pages no more than 2 pages; 11 point minimum, 12 point maximum font
  • Double spaced throughout; no “double-double” spacing between paragraphs
  • Indent the start of each paragraph five spaces (one tab) from the left margin
  • Single space your name, due date, and section number in the right hand corner of the first page’s HEADER.  Note that a paper’s header is above the top of the page.
    • If you put your name, date, and section in the Header, this information will automatically repeat itself on all subsequent pages (and stay put, even if you add new information or make changes to the body of subsequent essay pages after you insert the Header).
    • If you do not put this information in the Header, you will have to re-write it at the top of every subsequent page.
    • If you are not familiar with the Header feature, ask tech support or call the WCCCD Computer Lab of your choice.
  • Center a TITLE at top of page; titles always reflect the writer’s thesis statement.

CRE 1 Submission Details and Due Date:  

CRE 1 is worth 100 points and is due: Sunday, September 15th by 11:59 pm and can be made as a late submission up to one week (Sunday, September 22nd by 11:59 PM) after its due date but loses 10 points before grading. 

No CRE 1 submission will be accepted outside of Blackboard and no CRE 1 submission attempts will be accepted beyond the final “late submission” due date.