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READ: MLM: Ch. 5 “Writing About Literary Genres” (p.130-146a) Pay close attention to the elements of short fiction.

WRITING EXERCISE #1: Eudora Welty’s “A Visit of Charity” (p.131-135) 

DUE: Type 4-5 page (DBL#) about the response you have toward Welty’s poem by using one of the elements of short fiction: plot/structure, point of view, characters, setting, imagery, language, or theme.    

Rough Draft for Paper #1: Analyzing Texts (MLM p.153A&B, I&J)

Bring your brainstorm and 1st draft for Peer-Review Collaboration 4-5 pages

 Text book: Schilb, John, and John Clifford. Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and

Writers. 7th ed., Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2018.