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Assignment Description:
As we look to employ new methods of instruction in virtual education by utilizing emerging trends and technologies, it is important that we thoroughly evaluate a particular technology’s ability to map to a given lesson, course or program. In this assessment, you will have an opportunity to identify a trend or type of technology that we have discussed in this course and reflect on its appropriateness for a specific activity you would like to conduct in your own educational setting. You will then receive feedback from three of your peers on series of dimensions based on the rubric provided.
You should begin by identifying a specific activity or lesson that you want to create, improve, or change. Once you have identified the activity, you should then determine what specific learning outcomes you wish your students to achieve through the activity. Next you should select the technology or trend you would like to apply to the situation and plan how students will interact accordingly. Finally, you should determine how you will assess both the students’ work in the activity and the activity itself.
1. Briefly describe the particular activity or lesson you would like to create, improve, or change. Include the following information. Your response should be no more than two pages of text long.
-Grade level (or age of students) and subject
-Overview of the activity
-Up to three student learning outcomes, this activity will address. If your institution is required to meet specific government-established standards, please also note them accordingly.
-Reason for creating, improving, or changing the activity.
2. Identify the technology or trend you would like to apply to the lesson. In no more than two pages of text, answer the following questions:
-Why did you choose the technology?
-How will the technology enable your students to accomplish the stated learning outcomes?
-What challenges do you foresee in employing the technology?
3. Identify how you will assess your students’ work in the activity and the activity itself in no more than one page of text.
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