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1. Scenes: Choose one of the following three seminal rock cities—Memphis, Tennessee, New York City, or Lost Angeles—an describe how the musical scene changed over the period of time covered by this course. Refer to those articles in your readings that discuss music in each city, and discuss the career of musicians associated with that musical scene, as well as the music businesses that may be found there (this could include radio, recording companies, recording studios, or well-known clubs). 


3. Style and Influence. Pick two major figures/bands from two different eras; the earlier figure must have a demonstrable influence on the latter. Discuss the career of the earlier musician(s) and how the later figure(s) modeled themselves upon the earlier one. Discuss as well how the later figure(s) expanded on the earlier style or took it in a different direction. How did each musician or band relate to the music business as it existed in that era?

Must be 2-3 pages

A Few Formatting Guidelines:


If you cite an article from the reader, just use “author, shortened form of article title”; e.g. Peter Guralnick, “Portraits in Blues,” Music 9 reader.

If you chose to cite anything outside of your reader or long list, use MLA style

I’ve given examples on the syllabus as how to cite youtube videos and songs

No authorless citations! (Wikipedia)

Robert Christgau, “Chuck Berry.” US punctuation INSIDE
Robert Christgau, ‘Chuck Berry’. UK punctuation OUTSIDE

Songs with quotes (as in articles or book chapters)
“Heartbreak Hotel”

Albums in italics (as in book titles)
The Beatles’s Revolver