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The culmination of the functional behavior assessment (FBA) process is an FBA report. The report captures important details of the process, summarizes the data collected, and provides a summary statement regarding the possible function(s) that may be maintaining the target behavior. For this assignment you will write an FBA report.

You will begin by describing a hypothetical case where you would conduct an FBA (identifying information, reason for referral, and background information). Next, plan out the FBA using direct and indirect measures of behavior. You may present the results of the FBA in table format, but make sure to discuss your interpretation of the data in the report and include a summary statement (refer to O’Neill et al. text).

Continue by experimentally testing your hypotheses (summary statement of the FBA) and conducting a functional analysis (FA) to identify the causes of problem behavior. Make sure to include the five (5) functional analysis conditions discussed in the unit readings. Include a multielement research design to test the five conditions. Provide an interpretation of the data for the functional analysis. In your report include the following sections:

  • Identifying information (discuss hypothetical scenario here)
  • Reason for referral (discuss hypothetical scenario here)
  • Background information (discuss hypothetical scenario here)
  • Assessment procedures
  • Description of assessments such as – indirect measures, direct descriptive, functional analysis, preference assessments, and reinforcer assessments
  • Assessment results to include – interfering behaviors, antecedent variables (SD’s/MO’s), consequence variables, parameters of reinforcement
  • Hypothesized functions of target behavior – summary statement
  • Interpretation of data
  • Recommendations for behavior change plans
  • Signature, title, and date

Your Assignment should be typed in a Word document, single-spaced in 12-point font, with a length of 6–8 typed pages. The report will not conform to APA style parameters as it is intended for consumer use. You may refer to the sample report located in Course Documents as a guide in writing the FBA report or you may create one to meet the assignment rubric and requirements.