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  The responses for the self-assessment tests should be written using a combination of the “assert and defend” style in a three OR five paragraph essay. Think like a lawyer. Assert an argument or thesis AND prove or defend it.  Remember to use appropriate references to support your work.

The references must from book that I upload cp3. 

Are motivating job factors OR maintenance job factors more important to you? Some people want to have a “career” position, while others want to have a “job” position. A “career” position involves motivating job factors, while a “job” position is more about maintenance job factors. Since there are positive and negative ramifications with each choice, each person must decide for him/herself which path to take. No one should make the choice for you and/or judge you for your choice. It all comes down to what you really want in your life.

In a one-page (maximum) argument, explain in more detail the meaning of these scores to you. Take a look at Chapter Three for additional information regarding this self-assessment test. Make at least three assertions about the meaning(s) of this self-assessment test to you and support them with example(s). Write a convincing case that presents a strong defense for your argument.