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The standards for School research papers are very high. They will need to be well written with no grammatical errors, demonstrate a high degree of organization, be analytical rather than descriptive, written in Times New Roman – 12 point, and conform to Modern Language Association (MLA) documentation criteria.  If you are unfamiliar with MLA documentation standards, you will need to purchase A Writer’s Reference by Diane Hacker or Purdue OWL.  Be sure to properly cite your references in the paper.  An electronic copy of your paper is required and must be uploaded into Turnitin Direct in Canvas before the beginning of class on the date your paper is due.  Failure to do so will force you into the Late Assignments criteria.
Research Papers must have one inch margins on all four sides, be typewritten (using no larger than 12-point type and written in Times New Roman), double spaced, indented at paragraphs, not more than double spaced between paragraphs, paginated and should conform to my requirements with respect to the page length, excluding charts, graphs, lists, tables, appendices, works cited, and the like.  If you have any questions regarding this, please ask.  (I will deduct points for poor grammar, punctuation errors, etc.)
A thesis statement and substantive concluding statements are required and I will deduct points should you fail to adhere to this requirement. The thesis statement should inform the reader of the purpose of your paper and the conclusion should substantially summarize the key points in your paper and support your thesis.
The Research Paper for this course is an 8 to 9-page paper, and not more than 10 pages, with a minimum requirement of eight (8) peer-reviewed or instructor approved outside sources. Students will have a minimum of fifteen (15) in-text citations cumulative from their sources. I will not accept any papers less than 8 full pages, or more than 10 full pages.  Students not fulfilling this requirement will receive a grade deduction for this assignment.  Your textbooks are not considered an outside source. Peer-reviewed literature consists of articles found in theLibrary or through a thorough search using Google Scholar and then researching these articles in the Library or finding PDF-format articles through Google Scholar or Google Chrome using the Advanced Search function. Use of Internet websites for research information is frowned upon.  I will research each source you show in your Works Cited page for authenticity. Additionally, Wikipedia is absolutely forbidden as a source for anything and you will lose an immediate 25 points if used.