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You will read 6 journal /academically reviewed research articles within the last 10 years that pertain to marketing a service (as opposed to a product). 
you will then write a 6 page report synthesizing/summarizing those 6 articles (note these 6 pages do not include your title and reference pages).
 Follows specific guidelines for each assignment with regards to content and length
2.  Prompt submission per due date and time
3.  Use size 12 font and full APA format (as with in-text citations and references)
4.  Professional in appearance (structure, punctuation, grammar)
6.  Title page which includes course number and name, student name, date of term
Refrain from using first person pronouns, clichés, and colloquies.  
*All research and statements should be cited appropriately. 
*Opinions are only permitted in the recommendations section (if requested).
*Proper grammar, punctuation, word use, and sentence structure are essential.
*Maintain a professional tone.